JR said once when we were driving...can you believe we have two kids in the back of our car and we are not bringing them home to their parents!

Monday, May 12, 2008


We had Easter at our house again this year. It was pretty cold out so it did not really feel like Easter. JR laughed that the Easter Bunny brought Reese a basket but if you look at the pics, you can see how excited she was haha. My whole family came up as well as my aunt and Uncle and cousins. I was excited that Reese got to wear the Easter outfit that Brittany wore for her first Easter 24 years ago, of course she had to wear her new bracelet too ; )


JR's job has a few perks....and one was that we got to go back to our old stomping ground in Florida. Even after more than 24 hours in the car with 2 kids...it was worth it. I forgot how beautiful it is there and it made me miss it. Here are some pics from our trip.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Valentines Day

JR was home for Valentines day this year and we were so excited!!!!! We decided to take Baker bowling or "balling" as he calls it. He loved it and he picked the ball up and walked up to the lane and threw it all by himself....he never really let us have a turn. He thought it was his turn everytime : ) He even helped the guys who work there clean the lanes. PBA here we come!!!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bakers Birthday

We decided to wait until after Reese's due date to have Bakers kids birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Since her due date was less than 2 weeks after his birthday, we figured it was a good idea to not take the chance of canceling the party because his sister made her debut...that would not have started their relationship off well. It was nice too because Nana and Papa Waters, Uncle Josh and Aunt Shannon were up for it. Because we did it this way, he ended up having 3 birthday parties. One for the family before JR went away to work and another small one on his birthday (even though I promised JR that I would not let him know that his actual birthday was a day when daddy was not here). I had the kid so confused...he thought birthdays last for a month. As you can see he had an obsession with Buzz Light year and considering I am new to the whole parenting a 3 year old thing...I got him everything Buzz Light year and toy story...I wish someone told me that 3 year olds change their interests as fast as they change their underwear or I guess in Bakers case, diaper ; )

WARNING: Do not have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese on a Saturday unless you find pleasure in torturing yourself.

Lets try this again...

Well, It has been over a year since I have posted a blog and a lot has changed since then. For one we moved to Connecticut. We have a house in Torrington, way up in Torrington. It is about 40 minutes from New Milford and I am barely ever at my house...I guess I still have a comfort zone in NM. More exciting news is that with a new house we welcomed a new baby girl....Reese Caroline Waters on January 17th 2008. She was 7lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. She is now almost 12 weeks and the BEST baby a mommy could ever ask for, we just adore her and if God could promise me 5 more like her...I would have 5 more. But I am not sure I am willing to take a chance, especially because I go a little crazy when I am pregnant and I am not sure I can put JR through that again.

Baker is 3 now and so much like his daddy it is not even funny, he is obsessed with playing Nickjr on the computer. If we ask him to get off he will look at us with sad eyes and say "but I love you" or "but I missed you" to JR. He is great at working people, he gets it honest though. Reminds me of the donut story when JR was little.

JR is still traveling and we all hate it, but it wont last forever...at least we are able to see him most weekends.

These pictures are a catch up of Reese's first couple of weeks....many more to come